Wednesday, 09 August 2017

Protest against false and baseless news against Chhatrashibir in mass media

Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir strongly protests the baseless and false attempt by mass media such as Bangla Tribune and BDnews to defame the good name of Chhatrashibir by connecting the organization with the attack on two Chhatra League workers in Sylhet.

In a joint protest statement, Chhatrashibir Central President Yasin Arafat and Secretary General Mobarak Hossain said that this incident was specifically cooked up to move attention away from the continuing destructive activities of Chhatra League – spreading terror, tender grabbing and other similar activities. The news report quoted the false statement by Chhatra League known terrorist Tushar claiming that Chhatrashibir had attacked the two workers of Chhatra League, which is completely false. Chhatrashibir is not connected to this event in any way. In the report, it was said that attackers were wearing helmets. If so, how did they become so sure that the attackers were from Chhatrashibir? Even though the report connected the name of Shibir with the attack, it was unable to give any names. So the question that remains will be on what basis did they give this Shibir connection? In essence, it was known that there was internal fighting within Chhatra League between seniors and juniors in several institutions, the news of which was broadcast to the nation through various news media. It can be said surely that today’s attack was due to that very enmity.

The leadership said, although the media personnel involved with the report had become too eager to take the testimony of a Chhatra League member, no such testimony or statement had been taken from Shibir members. Such one-sided bias does not fall within the category of journalism. We hope that media will be much more careful and responsible regarding publishing news in the future. The leadership demanded to the involved media to stay away from publishing such false news in the media, and hoped that they would do their job in a responsible manner in the future.