Friday, 30 June 2017

Impossible to build prosperous nation without unity

Yasin Arafat, the Central President of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir, said that although the people of the nation want a prosperous Bangladesh, this is becoming difficult day by day because of disunity. It is impossible to build a prosperous nation without a united approach.

He said this at an Eid celebration program held by Chhatra Shibir Lalmai Upazila, Comilla, where he was the chief guest. The special guest at the program was Golam Sarwar Mojumdar, the Jamaat Amir of newly declared Lalmai Upazila, Comilla City Shibir ex-President Kamal Uddin, Comilla Zila South Shibir President Shahadat Hossain, Comilla Zila South Shibir Secretary Jobaer Faisal. Leadership of different levels were also present at the program.

The Shibir President said, disunity and divisions are a curse upon the nation, which is holding us back again and again. The politics of division is the main obstacle to the progress of the nation, and is destroying thousands of potential intellectuals in the process. On the other hand, dark hegemonic powers with vested interests oppress us in different ways and prevent us from attaining our rights. Even though a handful of unscrupulous politicians are benefitting from this, the vast majority of the people and the nation are being negatively affected. The people are deeply troubled by the insecurities they face in the safety of their life and material wealth, and in the obstacles that they face in their sovereignty and freedom.

He said, the political parties need to think about the country anew, because the future of the country depends on these thoughts of theirs. It is not simply possible for one to build a participatory, socio-economically just prosperous society alone. A unified approach is the need of the hour. The basis of our unity can stem from the spirit of patience and cooperation in Ramadan, and the joyous occasion of Eid, irrespective of all opinions and ideologies. We hope that our political leadership can show the spirit of sacrifice for the sake of unity, for which there needs to be a transparent and strong political framework. Chhatra Shibir has been working for national unity, democracy, good governance and social justice since its establishment. We think that the strongest force for development and progress of the country will be national unity.