Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Spirits of Mir Jafar have endangered Freedom and Democracy

Mobarak Hossain, the Secretary General of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir said that the Palashi incident is a prime example of betrayal of trust in the history of human civilization. But despite the passing of a 100 years after this incident, their spirits still lurk, and the spirits of Mir Jafar continue to endanger freedom and democracy.

He said this at a discussion seminar at an auditorium organised by Dhaka City West Unit on the occasion of the historic Palashi Day, where he was the main guest speaker. The program was presided over by unit President Mujahidul Islam, and attended by special guest Central media Secretary Mutasim Billah and Student Affairs Secretary Abdullah Faisal.

The Secretary General said, the reflections of the actions of the traitors at Palashi are still evident in today’s society. The nation is celebrating Palashi Day at a time when the spirits of Mir Jafar-Ghosheti Begum are crushing the rights and freedoms of the masses, which are at stake today. Their plans are suicidal, and they want to make the people their slaves and this country their hegemonized colony. An unelected government is sitting on the necks of a democracy loving people, and using the power of the government in an unjust manner to stifle public sentiments. They are creating divisions within the nation to gain political mileage, and deciding on policies without regard to national interests. It is as if a reflection of what Mir Jafar did.

He further said, history has not stopped at the junction of Palashi. The oppressed people of the nation resisted against oppression in time, with the utmost sacrifice, and removed the power hungry evil forces. Thus, the power hungry elite of today are not here to stay for ever either. If the oppressed come forward to remove the evil spirits of the Mir Jafars, along the lines of the spirit of Palashi, they will succeed against injustice again, like the oppressed people of the past. The legacy holders of the Mir Jafars will be thrown into the recesses of history.