Saturday, 17 June 2017

The purpose of the meritorious is to serve the country and the nation

Mobarak Hossain, the secretary general of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir, said that a meritorious person is the wealth of the nation. The purpose of the meritorious is to serve the country and the nation

He said this at a GPA 5 award program for SSC and Dakhil examinees organised by Dhaka City East unit at an auditorium at Dhaka. It was presided by unit President Sohel Rana Mithur, and special guest Central Dawah Affairs Secretary Shahin Ahmed Khan and Research Secretary Abdus Shaheed.

The Shibir secretary said, the meritorious of today will be the nation builders tomorrow. But if they are unable to build themselves up, then they will destroy the nation instead, as is happening now. Despite the large responsibility of the guardians, teachers and others, the main responsibility lies with the students themselves. A wrong decision at this junctions destroys one’s whole life and becomes a curse upon the nation, like a blind man who is given a lamp with which he mistakenly sets fire. People of the country are tired of seeing this. The meritorious of today need to take the relevant steps towards a new tomorrow.

He further said, we have not become self sufficient despite the presence of this huge merit pool, because there is no space where the intellect can develop, and it gets wasted. Due to brain drain, the country is losing a lot of resources. All this is due to being dependent on others. If this continues, we will lose our abilities slowly but surely. He further said, we need to have faith in ourselves, because losing hope leads to failure. Even of nobody is nearby, we must develop ourselves to the highest degree