Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Three arrested Shibir leaders in Jessore: Shocking lies by police and arms extraction drama

Shibir has condemned and protested the arrest and subsequent 5-day captivity in police custody, along with the arms extraction drama pertaining to three Shibir leaders - Rafid Hasan, Chhatra Shibir Jessore Unit President, and Shibir activists Abdul Kashem and Tariqul Islam, in Jessore.

In a joint statement, Chhatra Shibir Central President Yasin Arafat and Secretary General Mobarak Hossain said, the whole nation is aghast at the drama of arresting 3 Shibir members, holding them for 5 days, and then claiming their involvement in an arms extraction drama. Motiur Rahman, the SI of Benapole port police thana said to media that police had arrested the trio from a mango farm with arms, bullets and hand bombs on the 5th of June, which is false. They were arrested on the 1st of June, at 8 am in the morning, from in front of Kagojpulur Dokkhinpara Primary school premises, Benapole port thana, by a team of police led by SI Jahir. Police confirmed their arrest when contacted immediately and confirmed the same to the families of the arrested. However, even though they were meant to be shown in court after arrest, they were in police custody for 4 days, throughout which the police denied any knowledge of their arrest. At this point, Shibir issued a statement condemning the police actions, which was published in several news media. However, a day after this they were sent by police to Jessore court with a false case of arms and explosives extraction against them. There is no doubt of the fact that the police have done this to cover up their unjust and immoral actions. We condemn and protest this unjust arrest of Shibir leadership and them being subject to false allegations of arms ownership.

The leadership further said, if the police themselves carry out such drama to destroy the lives of innocent students, then where will the general people go? This incident will remain a most contentious act of the police in the name of duty and justice. People are highly agitated and upset by such unjust actions of police in this month of Ramadan, and they will only exacerbate the antagonistic attitude of people towards the security administration. We immediately ask that the false cases against the arrested Shibir leaders be withdrawn, and that they be immediately released unconditionally. At the same time, we demand an immediate stop to the oppression and torture of leaders and activists throughout the country.