Sunday, 04 June 2017

Monthly Human Rights Monitoring Report

Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir

Human Rights are inalienable rights of any man attained right upon his birth. These rights cannot be compromised and are integral for the development of humankind. A democratic nation is bound to provide a wide array of rights and freedoms to its citizens. The 1948 UN Declaration of Human Rights on December 10 was a role model for the deprived humanity of this world.

The universal declaration of Human Rights speaks of the protection of all manner of human rights in its various articles. Bangladesh, as a member of the UN, is a signatory to the declaration, and guarantees the basic human rights and freedoms according to the constitution. However, on the contrary, the ground situation is deplorable. According to the mass media, there is an increase in killing, murder, extrajudicial killing in the name of crossfire and gunfights, women and child torture, border killings, and torture on minorities and press journalists, among others. It is in this regard that Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir demands that the government raises and upholds the conditions of human rights in the country.

The condition of human rights in the country in the month of May as documented by Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir Central Human rights unit was very deplorable and worrying.

In the month of May, 136 people were killed throughout the country, and an average of 4 people were killed every day. In 13 instances of extrajudicial killing incidents by governments security forces, 20 people were killed. In 49 incidents of violence, 35 people were killed, 39 were killed injured, and 4 were wounded with gunshots. Moreover, in 3 incidents of mass beating, 3 people were killed and 01 injured.

4 people were abducted by security forces this month. 33 people were abducted, and 12 were recovered alive afterwards, while the bodies of 2 were recovered after being killed after abduction. In 45 incidents of political violence, 14 were killed, 446 were injured and 8 were shot at. In the name of security, 35 arrest operations were carried out, where 565 people including political opposition and mass people were arrested.

Indian BSF arrested 2 people in 2 incidents of attacks at the border.

In a rise in crimes against women, 13 women were killed through torture for dowry, 6 were injured through torture, 36 were killed in family feuds and 3 were injured, 87 women were victimised by rape, 8 were killed after rape, 6 women were victims of acid attacks, and 15 children and women were victims of sexual assault. Moreover, 27 children were victims of rape, and 12 women were victims of gang rape. In 12 incidents of child torture, 7 were killed and 46 were injured.

In 6 instances of attacks by government cadres and security forces, 7 journalists were injured, and 2 journalists received life threats. Moreover, there were 4 incidents of attacks on minorities, including attacks on religious places and land grabbing.

In incidents involving fighting by government student organisation with others and factional infighting within, there were 11 incidents of violence within the university campuses, where 1 died, 54 were injured. In this month, security forces extracted 43 corpses, of which the identity of 12 remain unknown.

Chhatra Shibir Central Human Rights Division believe that it is not possible to establish the rule of law through curtailing the people’s individual basic rights, right to security and freedom of expression, whether individual or political. Despite being guaranteed these basic rights in the Constitution, the government has failed in ensuring them on the ground. True democratic environment will not come up if the people are unable to imagine themselves as citizens of the state, with the accompanying rights. Therefore, the placing of the state and society upon values of equality, justice and insaf is important. The basic rights of the people can never be established if the responsible people running the state do not establish accountability and good governance. The actions of the state today, including curtailing of basic rights and shocking human rights violations, endangers the peaceful lives of the 160 million people of the country, many of whom live in perpetual fear.

If the government cannot ensure accountability and protection of the basic rights of the citizenry through fostering unity and improving security, then the human rights situation of the country will deteriorate further. Therefore, on behalf of the Human Rights division of Chhatra Shibir, I call upon all concerned individuals and institutions to unite in denouncing human rights violations and work towards stopping them, and protecting the human rights of the people of this country.

Central Human Rights Division,
Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir