Sunday, 04 June 2017

the education sector budget is mediocre

Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir issued a statement saying that the education sector budget for 2017/18 is mediocre.

In a joint statement, Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir President Yasin Arafat, and Secretary General Mobarak Hossain said that the government has again proved itself to be highly ineffective through an anti-people budget. A budget worth 4,00,266 crore taka has been proposed, keeping the elections in purview. Several economic experts have already labelled this unreal and high flying budget as being highly political in nature, because it has a deficit of 1,12,275 crore taka. The deficit is to be fulfilled through a high rate of taxation upon the people of the nation. Moreover, the government is planning to incur a lot of debt from local banks, non-bank institutions and foreign sources, the burden of which will also be on the people. An unjust excise duty will be forced upon the people on their hard earned bank savings. Furthermore, where the price of essential items and rice are so high and rising, the lifestyle of the people will be further hit by the implementation of a uniform 15% VAT. The price of essential items has again begun to rise due to this politicized budget of the government, which proves its uselessness and anti-people aspects.

The leadership further said, a mediocre budget has been proposed in the education sector. Despite the increase in the allocation, the actual area of increase is in science and technology, and not in the main field of education. In his budget speech, the finance minister said that education was a matter subject to time and space, through which he tried to shirk off responsibility. There is no clear planning in the development of education in the budget. Moreover, the budget allocation for Primary and mass education ministry, and Secondary and Higher education section of the Education ministry, has decreased. There has been no allocation for the modernization of madrassah education, and none for the Qawmi madrassah sector as well. Despite the big talk in development of the education sector, the budget does not reflect this, and the discrimination in the education sector remains.

The leadership further said, many experts, groups, political institutions and the people have already rejected this anti-public budget. This budget needs to be revised. As the largest student organisation in Bangladesh, we propose that enough allocation needs to be placed to transform the universities into centres for research. The libraries of the universities need to be digitalised, and research at institutions such as BUET and other technology universities must be used for national development. In order to increase the level of health education within the country, more medical universities need to be built to lower the costs of study. Effective measures need to be wrought to ensure quality of education in the private universities. In this regard, combined initiatives need to be carried out between the public and private universities, and the commercialization of education needs to be stopped. Effective measures need to be taken to allocate budget and improve the madrassah education. Finally, improvements need to be made in the curriculum, books, modes of assessment, etc. for meaningful change in the education sector in order to create the desired citizens.