Saturday, 27 May 2017

Government needs to ensure all facilities for a hassle free Ramadan

Yasin Arafat, the Central President of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir, said that the general people were being subject to a lot of problems during fasting in Ramadan, despite this country being majority Muslim, which is not acceptable. It is the duty of the government to ensure all facilities for a hassle free Ramadan.

He said this at an event of distribution of Iftar materials among poor and helpless people organized by Nangalcoat Sadar branch, where he was the chief guest. The program was presided by Nangalcoat Sadar President Ibrahim Monir, and the other guests were Comilla Zila South President Shahadat Hossain and Secretary Zobaer Faisal. Apart from this, Nangalcoat South President Ibrahim Hasan and Nangalcoat North President Belayat Hossain were also present.

The Shibir President said, Ramadan comes every year with the lesson of sacrifice and giving. But it is a great misfortune for the nation that Muslims are unable to celebrate this month properly without hassles. People suffer during this month of fasting due to the indifference by the government and the corruption by a class of corrupt people. In the meantime, the price of essential items has increased to a high level, which is unattainable by the common and lower class of people. A class of corrupt businessmen are colluding with the government in increasing the prices of the essential commodities in this month, due to which the poorer classes have to continually suffer every year. On the other hand, there is fearsome loadshedding amidst the heat, which will cause a lot of difficulty for those fasting. But the people are not receiving any solution to this problem, except idle talk by the govt., which is shameful for a Muslim country.

He further said, if the government did not aid directly, the corrupt businessmen would not be able to be so active in making the general people hostage to their actions. These practices cannot be accepted in the month of Ramadan. Immediate measures should be taken to keep prices within reach of the consumers. All means and avenues for bad deeds should be closed down. The government should take measures to help the poor people. All anti-Islamic activities should be stopped, and the people should be given opportunity to celebrate Ramadan with full spirit.

He further said, the month of Ramadan should be accepted as a month for self-evaluation and purification. The arrival of this month signals the opportunity for Muslims to do good deeds. All should come forward to use this opportunity to help the deprived people of the society. The rich and the powerful people should be motivated to help the poor. Despite the many obstacles, Chhatra Shibir always strives to stand beside the poor and deprived people of the society according to its means, and motivates its activists and members to do the same. This will continue insha Allah.