Tuesday, 09 May 2017

Nation today is deprived due to lack of harmony in merit and morals

Mobarak Hossain, the Secretary General of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir said that every mark of merit makes the nation hopeful. However, morally lacking merit has been harmful for the nation. In reality, the nation today is deprived due to lack of harmony in merit and morals.

He said this at a reception program for GPA 5 holders in the SSC and Dakhil examinations arranged by Shibir Sylhet City, at an auditorium in Sylhet, where he was the main speaker. The program was presided over by unit president Abdullah al Mahmud, and was attended by special guests Central Publications Secretary Salauddin Mahmud and Central Madrassah Affairs Secretary Masuk Ahammed.

The Shibir secretary said, the main tool to help the nation go forward is a meritorious student society. There is no dearth of merit in Bangladesh, only a lack of honest and able leadership. Those who are running the state are surely meritorious, but a lack of morals among the meritorious in this sector has led to a very high level of corruption and bad governance. This abandoning of morals has prevented this country, attained through a lot of blood and sacrifice, from progressing forward. This lack of harmony in merit and morals has led to a harassed and condemned nation, due to which people do not want to see just meritorious students anymore. The nation wants meritorious students infused with moral values. There is no alternative to attain moral values without setting up one’s life with the values of the Qur’an.

He further said, we strongly believe that meritorious students will be able to take the nation forward with a fusion of merit and moral values. Those who have shown the mark of merit today will be the beautiful generation of tomorrow. They will be the ones guiding a prosperous Bangladesh in the future. It is possible to change the state if the society is transformed. Shibir is working in every province, town and rural area of Bangladesh to create honest, able and patriotic citizens of the society in order to transform the society. Chhatra Shibir feels that it is its binding duty to the nation to build up the meritorious citizens of tomorrow.