Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Demand for immediate implementation of Qawmi Madrassah official recognition and removal of Idol from Supreme Court premises

Yasin Arafat, the Central President of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir, said that the official recognition of the Qawmi madrassah system was not just a demand by the Qawmi madrassah students, teachers and scholars, but the demand of all the Islam loving students in this country.

No mean politics or playing around with the process of recognition will be tolerated. At the same time, the presence of the Greek goddess’s idol in front of the country’s highest court is against the belief and creed of the majority of the country’s population. There should be immediate implementation of Qawmi Madrassah accreditation and steps should be taken for the removal of the idol from Supreme Court premises.

He said this at a member’s study program at an auditorium at Chhatra Shibir Chittagong City South, where he was the chief guest. The program was presided over by Chittagong City South President Abdul Jabbar, and the program was attended by special guest Central media secretary Motasim Billah. It was also attended by other leaders and activists.

The Shibir President said, thousands of Qawmi madrassahs have been serving the society and nation through imparting religious studies and knowledge since a long time in Bangladesh. But they have been deprived for a long time from government recognition. Qawmi students and scholars have toiled long and hard to gain this deserving recognition. During the tenure of the 4 party Alliance, Allama Delwar Hossain Sayedee, a key leader in the alliance government, took important steps towards government recognition of the qawmi madrassah system and raised the issue in the parliament. Consequently, on the 29th of August, 2006, the government issued an ordinance giving official recognition to the Qawmi madrassahs. But later, those who came to power prevented this ordinance from seeing the light of the day. On the contrary, they initiated suppression of the Qawmi scholars and police arrests against them, trying to destroy the madrassah education system. Qawmi scholars, however, were steadfast in their demands to achieve official recognition. This recognition is the fruit of that hard labour. We hope and believe that all parties will remain steadfast till the true implementation of that recognition on the ground. We also hope that the government will take all necessary steps to practically implement this accreditation.

He further said, the presence of the Greek goddess’s idol in front of the country’s highest court is against the belief and creed of the majority of the country’s population. The leading scholars, intellectuals and academics of the country have been calling for the removal of the idol sculpture since its installation. In face of extreme opposition, the Prime Minister has promised to look into the matter after a seating with the scholars on the 11th of December last year. But as per the latest news media reports, it has been found that the government has not taken down the sculpture but has allowed it to stay, saying that instead of removing the idol, it would be covered by cloth during the times of prayer. We strongly want to say that such mean-minded actions by the government are unacceptable. The idol should be removed from the Supreme Court before the coming of the Ramadan.

He said that the central leaders of the Awami League and its partner parties had earlier tried to frame the Qawmi madrassahs as breeding grounds for terror many times. They tried to make out political gains through the vilification of the madrassah education system, and presenting the Qawmi ulama in a negative manner. But the nation did not accept this, and we believe that the government understands how the people of the nation really feel about the Qawmi ulama and institutions. Therefore we hope that the government will quickly implement this accreditation in practice. At the same time, we want to warn that the student community will not tolerate any waywardness on part of the government on these two issues of the Qawmi madrassah education and the removal of the statue of the Greek goddess.