Monday, 10 April 2017

Strong protest and condemnation of unjust arrest of 7 Shibir activists in Sylhet and fabricated statement by police

Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir has issued a statement in strong protest and severe condemnation of unjust arrest of 7 Shibir activists in Fenchuganj, Sylhet and fabricated police statement regarding their arrest.

In a joint protest statement by Chhatra Shibir Central President Yasin Arafat, and Secretary General Mobarak Hossain, it was said that police have now started taking the arrest and defamation of innocent students as their main work, instead of providing security to the public. Yesterday, seven leaders and activists of Chhatra Shibir were arrested from Fenchuganj in Sylhet, including Sylhet District West Chhatra Shibir President. After their arrest, police said that they found jihadi books with them, and that they were planning to attack at the local cultural festival Pahela Boishakh rally, which is something completely fabricated and baseless. This story of an alleged attack on the Pahela Boishakh rally is nothing but a fabricated lie and drama by the police, which has no connection with Shibir whatsoever. We have no words to condemn this police fabrication and action in the garb of the law. Nobody can show any previous history of disruption or violence on the part of Shibir in any such cultural occasion in the past. This fabrication proves the fact that police have solely arrested the Shibir activists for vilification and the purpose of political gain.

The leadership further said, if police had any respect for their duty towards the public, they would never have been complicit in this heinous fabrication. The public faith in the police administration is falling to the quota of zero due to the nefarious actions of some police officials, who have been destroying the image of the police through their actions. We say that the public are well aware of your intentions and actions, and do not believe such fabrications. Instead, they will have more reservations about the police. We demand the immediate release of the arrested activists and leaders and the withdrawal of the false police statements and allegations. At the same time, we expect that police will take cognizance of their true role in society and say and work accordingly.