Sunday, 09 April 2017

Country was not liberated to serve any hegemonic power

Yasin Arafat, the Central President of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir said that the heroic sons of the nation sacrificed their blood and brought about liberation to establish themselves as a dignified nation and live with the rights they deserved. But today, preparations are being taken to trade off that independence. We would like to strongly state in concrete terms that we are ready to sacrifice our utmost to prevent any conspiracies against the independence and sovereignty of the country. The country was not liberated to serve any hegemonic power.

He said this at a discussion program followed by a dua gathering on the occasion of the national Independence Day of Bangladesh organised by Chhatra Shibir at an auditorium in the capital, where he was the chief guest. The program was presided over by Office Secretary Sirajul Islam, and Central Secretary General Mobarak Hossain was the special guest at the program. Other guests included Central Literature Secretary Shah Mohammad Mahfuzul Haque, Dawah Affairs Secretary Shahin Ahammed Khan, HRD Secretary Siyam Hasan, Planning and Development Secretary Riaz Rahman, and Education Affairs Secretary Raziful Hasan, among others. The program was also attended by leaders and activists of various levels.

The Shibir President said, the freedom loving people of the nation established a rare example in history through achieving liberation by sacrificing a lot of blood in the process. That proud history, however, has been tainted by the BKSAL, the murder of democracy, abduction, killing and corruption. The so-called saviours of freedom themselves have perpetrated mass killings and injustice against the citizens in this free country. The spirit of liberation has been shattered by the forfeiture of national interests, subservient foreign policy, and divisive politics. The democratic and basic rights of the citizens have been forfeited in order to maintain the power structure of a few. Presently, the government is in the process of finalising a questionable ant-national military agreement with a neighbouring country which will irrevocably compromise our country’s sovereignty and freedom. This patriotic people of the nation believe that this deal is shady, unclear and goes against the interests of Bangladesh. On the other hand, there has been no progress by the government in solving internationally acclaimed national crisis issues such as the Teesta deal, where it is playing a quite suspicious appeasing role. Acting against national interests while claiming one’s self to be the harbinger of national interests is nothing but hypocrisy. The people of the nation have not accepted these actions and will not so even in the future.

He further said that no nation would be able to stand up if it sold its identity while being engaged in bickering over who would exercise power, which has been proved to be the case over the past 46 years. So it the time to get down to develop the nation in order to save the spirit of liberation. Maximum use should be made of the human, natural and intellectual resources. The act of profiting from the politics of division should be stopped. Patriotism should not be just limited to words, but must be manifested in actions. We believe that this nation will truly witness progress, and the major factor aiding in this regard will be the strength of unity.

He beseeched the government to withdraw from all those protocols and treaties with the neighbouring country which went against the interests of the nation, if it had any respect for the freedom and sovereignty of the nation. It should stop all instances of abduction, killing, political suppression, corruption and injustice, and return back the basic freedoms and rights. The hundreds and thousands of students and masses of people will come forward, and even at the price of their lives, will work to prevent any conspiracy against the sovereignty and freedom of the country.

Mostafizur Rahman,
Central Publicity Secretary,