Thursday, 05 May 2016

Backlashes of Shibir against apex Court’s upholding death penalty for Maolana Motiur Rahman Nizami by rejecting the review petition

Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir issued statements calling the farcical verdict against Maolana Motiur Rahman Nizami handed down by the Appellate Division rejecting the review hearing a travesty of justice.

In a joint press release, the Central President of Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir Atikur Rahman and the Secretary-General thereof Yasin Arafat said, “The controversial tribunal gave a farcical verdict in a set routinely manner in the politically motivated case filed against Maolana Nizami. That political verdict stained the golden track record of the justice system. The tribunal did not give such verdict as a reflection of its stand for justice and impartiality but rather, it did so as a part of the blueprint for creating a void of leadership in the Islamic Movement. People hoped that justice will be ensured at least by the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court but to their sheer chagrin, they have had to see a cruel example of miscarriage of justice even by the apex court of the country. People think it is a travesty of justice.”

The further said, “The total prosecution and the witnesses are all made up purposely and the published video clip of the prosecution witness Nannu Mia is a clear proof in this regard. Moreover, three high-profile freedom fighters including a liberation war commander of his birthplace Pabna testified, of their own accord, that Maolana has not even any remoter connection with the charges brought against him. Tribunal rejected the trustworthy depositions of brave freedom fighters and accepted the statements of the paid parroting witnesses. In addition, the tribunal said that hoisting the national flag in front of Maolana Nizami’s car was not decorous and their verdict reflected the solemn will of the people. No disinterested judge can issue such subjective statements and these statements only resemble those issued by the Awami League politicians. In 2013, the erstwhile home minister, while he was on his visit to Egypt, declared the fixed date of verdicts of Maolana Delawar Hossain Saydee and Abdul Quader Molla in his speech. Very frequently, the Awami government ministers and the party leaders declared that Mr. Nizami, Muzahid and Saydee will be executed by hanging. The direct executive interference of the government in the whole process of this trial is proven by the leaked skype conversation. So, there’s no denying that this verdict is given as per the instruction of Awami League and their allies. People think upholding this unjust verdict by the uppermost court of law is another instance of injustice.”

“It is grossly inhuman to deprive an innocent person of justice in any case over and over again. To not get justice in the apex court of justice is a real tragic irony for a nation. Such events of justice miscarriage will make people lose their confidence in the justice system. We urge the government to shun evil politics and farces in the name of trial and also to set the innocent national leaders free immediately.”- The duo leaders added.