Monday, 03 February 2020

Strong path walking must be continued to meet the expectations of the nation - Jamaat Ameer

Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Dr. Shafiqur Rahman said that today the nation is seeing the horrible and vicious consequences of dishonest leadership in the state and society. The main cause of the ongoing crisis and turmoil in the country is moral and value-less leadership, who have totally failed to solve the country's problems and meet the expectations of the nation. In this situation, the nation is deeply feeling the need for honest and value leadership. Therefore, the strong path walking of Chhatra Shibir should continue to fulfill the expectations of the nation by forming the expected leadership.

He said this while addressing the first general session of the 2020 session of the Central Executive Council of Chhatra Shibir at an auditorium in the capital, while giving lecture as chief guest. The session was chaired by Central president Sirajul Islam and conducted under the leadership of Secretary General Salahuddin Ayubi. Others present were ex-Presidents Maulana Rafiqul Islam Khan, Md. Shahjahan, Md. Selim Uddin and Dr. Mubarak Hossain, including the newly elected and nominated members of the Central Executive Council.

The Ameer of Jamaat said the nation was passing through a critical period of history. Now the country is facing a severe political, economic and social crisis. For a long time after coming to power illegally, the government has been wreaking havoc on the people of the country. The people of the country are divided and scattered due to inefficiency of government and its irresponsibility. Corruption has spread in the society. The people of the country do not have democratic and free speech. A large part of the students and youth of the country are on the verge of destruction today due to alcohol, terrorism, corruption and the government's support for all of this. And the horrible reflection of all this is happening through various atrocities including rape and murder. On campus, BCL has commanded extortion,created destruction, sold drugs, tenders and attacked dissenting students. Opposition leaders, including national leaders, are being subjected to indiscriminate torture and injustice through state terror. Today, the nation is desperately disappointed with the overall corruption. If this continues, there is a possibility that this country will soon become a failed state, which will be sad for the nation.

The coming days are the most important time for the country and the nation he said to the Shibir Central Executive Council. In this situation, every leader of the Chhatra Shibir will have to be more responsible than ever in the past. In order to earn and establish the rights of the people, they must remain in the field with the highest sacrifice mentality. The task of delivering the message of the ideals of Islam to every student must be carried out with more vigour. In the midst of hundreds of challenges, the task of making the nation's desired leadership on the basis of merit and morality should be continued. Every manpower must be created in the image of the ideal moral person.

In the president’s speech, Central President Sirajul Islam said the Chhatra Shibir leaders are aware and confident about their aim and objective. As a result, Chhatra Shibir has continued its activities despite the hundreds of instances of tortures. It has continued not only the movement on the streets, but also the organizational work. Insha Allah it will maintain this continuity in the days ahead. No activist of Chhatra Shibir is afraid of anyone other than Allah. Therefore, ideological and popular organizations like Chhatra Shibir cannot be stopped by murder, disappearance, or oppression. The duty entrusted by Allah should be fulfilled with sincerity and well-intention with confidence in Allah. Manpower is our amanah (trust). Every effort must be made to make every manpower capable. Students should be called to the path of religion with the moral poise and soft character of Islam.

Md. Manjurul Islam

Central Publicity Secretary
Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir