Sunday, 12 January 2020

Chhatra Shibir's statement on protest against rape of DU student and immediate arrest and exemplary punishment of those involved

Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir has issued a statement demanding immediate condemnation and protest against the rape of Dhaka University student in the capital and demanding immediate arrest and exemplary punishment of those involved.

In a joint protest message, Chhatra Shibir central president Md Sirajul Islam and secretary general Salahuddin Ayubi said the countrymen were horrified today after a series of brutal and dangerous incidents. Rape has now become epidemic due to lack of justice. A student of Dhaka University was openly abducted and raped by the side of the main road at Kurmitola in the capital last night, which is another shameful example of the pathetic state of law and order in the country. The law enforcers have found evidences at the scene but have not been able to arrest the culprit so far. Various crimes used to take place in the area and were also reported to law enforcement agencies. But the law enforcers had taken no effective steps in this regard. Therefore, the administration cannot avoid liability in any way in the incident.

The leaders said that monsters are carrying out abominable acts like rape, due to irresponsibility of the government and direct support towards rape. And because most government-party terrorists are involved in these evils, the government has avoided dealing with such heinous things. So far none of the perpetrators have faced any justice. As a result, the malevolent misdeeds of the perpetrators continue to increase. Rape has spread like an epidemic throughout the country, which has terrorised the entire nation. Children, young women, students and their parents are living in deep fear and worry. An extreme lack of justice is responsible for today's dire situation. Today, women are not safe in any area, including schools, colleges, universities, or the roads. The extent of rape seems to have surpassed the days of jahiliyya. It cannot be the image of a civilized society or country.

The leaders also said that the culture of lack of justice of the government and its apathy seems to have given the perpetrators the license to dishonor the mother and sisters of this country. But the students of this country will not accept it. If the government continues such lawlessness, then student community will be forced to make difficult decisions. The exemplary punishment of these cowards and miscreants is an essential demand of time. The demands of the student community is that not any woman should be subjected to rape, torture or persecution anymore. Not only the ongoing criminals but also those already arrested and identified perpetrators throughout the country must face justice and trial.

Mahfuzur Rahman
Assistant Publicity Secretary
Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir