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Nothing in this universe has been created unreasonably. There is an architect behind every single creation. This vast world is a similar creation, which has been created by Almighty Allah. All the ingredients of this world are being engaged in the welfare of the mankind and the human being is created only for offering prayer. Almighty Allah has sent several prophet and messengers to show and guide the humanity so that they say their prayers properly.

The Messenger (PBUH) of Allah in Combating Propaganda

Exact self-knowledge enables a person to take proper measure. Otherwise, the whole life passes by in futile action.

Egypt on the Edge of Civil War

While Egypt’s new interim government is working to assert itself as the country's new legitimate transition entity by playing on Egyptians' thirst for economic stability and their frustrations, the military is cracking down against the Muslim Brotherhood and killing hundreds of peoples.

The Natural Strategy of Islamic Revolution

Islamic revolution means the implementation of Islamic rules and regulations in all the stages, phases and sections of the social system. The synonyms of the Islamic revolution may be found as establishing Islamic doctrines (Iqamat-e-Din) or Ijharul Haq or the establishment of Khaliph etc.

Confusion about and Distortion of the Liberation War: Who are Liable

An unprecedented congregation of the bloggers and the online activists has been going on at Shahbagh of Dhaka since February 5. A large number of children,

It's extremist Muslims, not Islamic extremism

The former British Prime Minister Tony Blair made a pointing remark in his article in the Daily Mail when he wrote, "There is a problem within Islam - from the adherents of an ideology which is a strain within Islam.