There is no alternative to national unity in Bangladesh at this crucial time

Yasin Arafat, the Central President of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir said that the nation at present is passing a crucial time in its history after independence over the question of its identity. This is due to the fact that it is facing one national crisis after another in an unexpected manner. But these problems need to be faced together. There is no alternative to national unity at this critical juncture in national history

The Natural Strategy of Islamic Revolution

Islamic revolution means the implementation of Islamic rules and regulations in all the stages, phases and sections of the social system. The synonyms of the Islamic revolution may be found as establishing Islamic doctrines (Iqamat-e-Din) or Ijharul Haq or the establishment of Khaliph etc.

The compilation of the Quran

During Prophet’s times, the Holy Quran was conserved in the following three ways- 1. Bit-tahfiz: by Hifz and memorizing In the heart 2. Bil-kitabat: by the revealed verses writers 3. Bil-amali: by practice

The Messenger (PBUH) of Allah in Combating Propaganda

Exact self-knowledge enables a person to take proper measure. Otherwise, the whole life passes by in futile action.

Confusion about and Distortion of the Liberation War: Who are Liable

An unprecedented congregation of the bloggers and the online activists has been going on at Shahbagh of Dhaka since February 5. A large number of children,

Join us and be enlightened

Nothing in this universe has been created unreasonably. There is an architect behind every single creation. This vast world is a similar creation, which has been created by Almighty Allah. All the ingredients of this world are being engaged in the welfare of the mankind and the human being is created only for offering prayer. Almighty Allah has sent several prophet and messengers to show and guide the humanity so that they say their prayers properly.

Basics of Hadith

In fact, Hadith is actually an elucidation of the Quran itself. So, the importance of Hadith cannot be denied alongside the Quran in Islamic law. Allah Ta’ala says in the Holy Quran- “So, take what the Messenger assigns to you, and deny yourselves that which he withholds from you. (Sura Hashr-7)

Explosive Bangladesh and the Geopolitics of India

Civil War Erupts in Bangladesh, Four Killed’ was the headline of a news item published in the Hindustan Times on February 23. This was a simple description of the condemnation and resistance of the common mass against the depravity

Islam and/in the West

The revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt provide examples of largely peaceful transitions of power after decades of unflinching authoritarian rule. Yet change in these and other Arab countries caught the world by surprise.