Ataur Rahman Sarker

Martyrdom anniversary of the beloved Ibnul Islam Parvez

Yesterday was the death anniversary of our beloved martyr Ibnul Islam Parvez from the land of martyrdom Jhenaidah. He has gone away from us forever, listening to the call of his Lord, and will not return back. Ever.

I met him in 2009 when I was at a responsible position in 2009. He was the President of the School Unit, and I used to have contact with him when I was the Central Unit Secretary. I directly communicated with him for the first time when I went on to a meeting with School unit representatives. His ability to create an environment of hope, maintain the religious environment, merit and leadership rendered him a potential leader in our eyes. And true to that, that is how he grew up according to our hopes and desires.

In 2010, the associates and members in Jhenaidah elected Johurul Islam, another martyr, as President, and selected Parvez, as the Secretary. Both were advanced in their desire to further the organisation and stand up against the might of the Awami League. Parvez later carried out a big role in the emancipation of humanity. After the role of City unit President, he was the Central Literature Secretary, when he was killed by the bullet of the oppressor and attained martyrdom. Parvez, after coming to Dhaka, used to maintain communication with me due to his role, and his respect and dedication for me, through phone and direct contact. He used to frequently pressurize me to give a writing for the Chhatra Sangbad, our magazine. I was arrested on 8 May, 2016. Before that, Parvez had successfully coaxed me into writing “Human dignity in Islam,” which was published in July. I was then in jail, when I heard the news of Parvez abducted and later shot and killed. We were all shocked on that day, and had lifted our hands to the Almighty, as there was nothing else we could do. That day, I was unable to even attend the demonstration organised against his killing that day. I felt highly selfish that day.

Parvez is no longer with us. But the caravan of martyrdom he has left remains with us; the ideology remains with us. May Allah (SWT) grant the brother the highest of places in Paradise and forgive all his sins. May Allah accept the oppressed people of Jhenaidah.