Our activities

Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir is determined to establish Allah's religion on Allah’s land. It was established on February 6, 1977, with a group of 6 students at the Central Jame mosque at the University of Dhaka, the Oxford of the East. The organization starting with six people has been transformed into the favorite address of millions of young people through the development of merit, incomparable character development, skilled citizenship training, nurturing healthy literature and culture, the welfare of the student community and mass social activities. Over the past 43 years, Chhatra Shibir has created many honest, skilled and patriotic citizens, who have engaged themselves in the task of building the country, to meet the crisis of ideological leadership of this country. Some of the activities of Islamic Chhatra Shibir in this transition are mentioned below.
# Chhatra Shibir in the Study of Islamic Knowledge: The first instruction by Almighty Allah (SWT) for mankind was "Read". And Islamic Chhatra Shibir has taken the nurturing of knowledge as one of its major initiatives. Besides the academic knowledge attained by students, Chhatra Shibir has a specific Deen related knowledge syllabus for the students. This syllabus is a unique combination of Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Islamic literature, history, comparative discussion of different doctrines, modern knowledge and knowledge required to build a society, through which a student can become enlightened in the required knowledge. Besides, Chhatra Shibir organized a variety of merit verification competitions, including Ayat-hadith memorization competitions, Seerah recitation competitions, and essay competitions at different manpower levels. Like every year this year, Chhatra Shibir organized a merit examination against a specified syllabus, where 21,258 examinees participates. In addition, at the branch level, 13,435 examinees participated in various lessons and memorization competitions.
# Chhatra Shibir in Creating Moral Values and Leadership: One of Chhatra Shibir's goals is to create people with Islamic morals. And to meet these goals, Chhatra Shibir has a variety of training programs. Among the regular programs organized by Shibir at various levels include programs like monthly Quran classes, discussion circles, pathchokro and study circles, through which the basic foundation is laid down on the essentials of Islam in the minds of the students. As part of higher training, there are various programs like education meetings, education camps, and leadership training programs. Through these programs, students are able to grasp the pinnacle of Islamic values and become leaders themselves. This year, five higher level leadership training programs were organized, where about 200 delegates participated. Moreover, at the branch level, 1276 educational camps were organized with manpower of different categories, where the number of participants was 44,287.
# Chhatra Shibir in developing talent: Chhatra Shibir is a youthful caravan, where there are numerous youth gatherings. Chhatra Shibir has a variety of activities to develop the talent of these young students. Chhatra Shibir organized programs like debate competitions, general knowledge classes and competitions, education tours, summer camps, winter camps for students at various levels. This year, 3433 students were trained by conducting 159 debate workshops, and 283 different competitions were organized, in which 5057 students participated. 1195 education tours were organized, where the total number of participating students was 42,039. Besides, the organization plays a vital role in the physical and mental development of the students by organizing various sports. It is to be noted that this year, Chhatra Shibir organized 1012 tournaments of football, cricket, badminton, hadudu (kabaddi) and handball, where 24,845 students participated.
# Chhatra Shibir in creating skilled citizens: One of the goals of Chhatra Shibir is to create skilled citizens. Such skilled citizens are those who become full-fledged Muslims as well as attain contemporary worldly qualifications so as to be able to lead in different sections of society and state structures. And to meet these goals, Chhatra Shibir organized programs like Career Guidelines, Career Counseling, Meet the Brilliant, Meet with Genius, etc. Moreover, by organizing reception programs for students of different levels, talented people are given encouragement and inspiration and the necessary advice to become skilled. And through these programs, students can determine their career goals and become skilled citizens. This year, more than 400 career guidelines and career counseling programs were organized with students from different levels, where 16,501 students participated. More than 16 thousand talented students of different levels were given reception through 450 events.
# Chhatra Shibir towards making Islamic scholars (Alims): Chhatra Shibir has specific activities to nurture students studying in the madrasah education system as scholars. Chhatra Shibir runs Arabic language education courses for students interested in becoming scholars. Special motivation and training is arranged for the students through expert level scholars. This year, 1889 students were trained through Arabic language education courses and various workshops and 1185 Ta'limul Quran courses were held were 16,156 students participated. The organization organized Hafez e Qur'an receptions to encourage the students to memorize the Quran. This year 31 reception ceremonies were given for 938 Huffaz-e-Qur’ an. Besides, Chhatra Shibir organized the Ayat hadith memorization contest, Khutba recitation competition, Hifzul Quran competition, Hifzul Hadith competition, and Wazin competition. This year, 8809 students participated in this competition.
# Chhatra Shibir in the field of Information Technology and Science: Chhatra Shibir has a variety of programs related to Information Technology and Science to create skilled manpower in harmony with the modern age. In order to make students skilled in information technology, the student body organizes IT workshops and IT quizzes. This year, 17 IT workshops provided IT training to 325 students. The monthly science magazine is published to make students interested in science. Besides, the organization organized workshops related to science subjects, Science Olympiad, Idea Contest, Programming Contest, Science Competition, etc. Chhatra Shibir ran the activities by forming a science club to spread the practice of science at all levels. This year, at the branch level, 51 quizzes and competitions were organized on various subjects of science with general students, where about 1500 students participated. Also, 22 science Olympiad were held, where 6571 students participated.
# Chhatra Shibir in Healthy Literature: Literature is the mirror of the nation. And through the practice of healthy literature, a nation becomes creative and cultured. Islami Chhatra Shibir has been working to create students as creative and cultured by regularly publishing various magazines and periodicals. The organization is working to make creative and well-known poets, storytellers, novelists and storytellers by conducting various programs such as literary workshops and writers' gatherings. Chhatra Shibir organized young writers’ receptions to encourage the youth in literary activities. Moreover, Chhatra Shibir provides encouragement and inspiration through the necessary support for the publication of new writers' books. It is notable that more than 500 students were trained this year by the conducting of 10 literary workshops and 130 young writers were welcomed by performing 7 reception programs. In addition, there were 2 centrally organized youth magazine competitions, in which more than 7,000 students participated.
# Chhatra Shibir in Practicing Culture: Chhatra Shibir is working with the slogan "aesthetic development of healthy culture". The organization is playing a leading role in forming a civilized society by creating different cultural programs (materials). Chhatra Shibir has been working to create a healthy mood for young people by creating a variety of songs and dramas and spreading them by avoiding immoral songs and scenes full of immoral sections. Besides, Chhatra Shibir has been working to create singers, composers, performing artists and playwrights through cultural workshops, singing classes, stage plays and various competitions. This year, 180 artists were trained through various cultural workshops. Branch level performances and singing competitions were held in which about 6500 students participated. Besides, various festivals including short film festivals were organized in which 660 students participated.
# Chhatra Shibir for Student Welfare: Chhatra Shibir has various student welfare activities. The organization works for student welfare by providing lodging and tuition, distributing books through the landing library, distributing free educational materials, arranging scholarships for the poor and the talented and organizing highly meritorious students’ receptions. Besides, poor students are also provided accommodations, free private tuitions. This year, scholarships were provided to 2935 poor and meritorious students and free books were distributed among the 2364 students. Besides, other educational materials were distributed among 9262 students.
# Chhatra Shibir in social welfare activities: Despite being a student organization, Chhatra Shibir has many social activities. Free blood grouping and free blood donation is a regular program of Chhatra Shibir. The welfare of countless people is ensured by Chhatra Shibir by distributing food among orphans and orphans, distributing free iftar for the poor during Ramadan, distributing meat, distribution of winter clothing and relief items among people of flood and affected areas. Besides, the organization has a tree-planting operation and a cleanliness drive to maintain natural balance. Public welfare works like repairing roads and bridges for the welfare of the people are another part of the social welfare works of this organization. Besides, as a part of social awareness, Chhatra Shibir organized various programs including distribution of leaflets to prevent dengue, and campaign against drugs. Note that this year, 2715 patients were given free treatment and blood was provided 3778 bags; winter clothes were distributed among 5345 people; relief goods were distributed to more than two thousand flood affected families; about 293 roads and bridges were repaired; primary education was provided to 651 poor children through free schooling; Iftar and Eid packages were given to 8793 families, food was distributed among 1678 hungry children and orphans. In addition, more than 15,000 saplings were planted and over 25 thousand were distributed.
# Chhatra Shibir celebrating National and International Day: Celebrating various important national and international day are amongst important Chhatra Shibir traditions. Among the celebrations of the national days celebrated by Chhatra Shibir are the Great Independence Day and the Great Victory Day. And among international days are the International Mother Language Day, International Literacy Day, International Anti-Drug Day, International Human Rights Day, International Environment Day and International Food Day are notable. Chhatra Shibir had various programs these days, through which the students' patriotism is aroused and they learn to present themselves as part of the world humanity. Besides, Balakot Day, Palashi Day, Granada Tragedy Day and Islamic Education Day are celebrated by Shibir to awaken Islamic consciousness among the students and highlight the importance and necessity of the Islamic education system. It is worth mentioning that this year, 174 rallies were held on different days, which was attended by 31,204 students. In addition, about 1737 programs of various types, such as seminars, prayer meetings, etc. were implemented on the occasion of various days at the branch level, where 41,402 students were present.
# Conclusion: By conducting the overall activities of the Islamic Chhatra Shibir, we are working to construct the ideal Muslim in the light of Islamic values by ensuring an environment of learning among the students. In addition to being an ideal Muslim, the necessary programs to nurture honest, skilled and patriotic citizens are also visible in the activities of this organization. As a result, by joining this organization, a student becomes proficient in worldly competence and becomes a godly servant in religious terms. And Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir continues playing a leading role in the formation of an ideal society beyond working with students through its social activities.